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Insurance Reinstatement

Insurance reinstatement valuation Accurately valuing properties is more important than ever due to the rising costs of building materials and labour. At Fisher Wrathall Surveyors, we provide tailored insurance reinstatement services so that you receive adequate compensation in the event of a claim. What is insurance reinstatement? When discussing property insurance, the reinstatement value is often the least well-understood aspect of the coverage. Insurance …

mature Japanese Knotweed

When and how to spot Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is one of the world’s most invasive plant species, which is not uncommon in Lancaster and surrounding areas. Invasive plant specialists suggest that around 4% of UK homes are affected by Japanese Knotweed. Consequently, around 890,000 households across the country are suffering a reduction in the value of around £13,200 due to knotweed, which amounts to a staggering £11.8bn loss in the …

offer accepted? Time for a survey!

The Difference Between the Three Levels of RICS House ...

What is the difference between the three levels of RICS House Surveys? This quick guide highlights the key differences of available surveys.

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Staveley Home Condition Survey – Case study

We recently surveyed a property in Staveley, the idyllic South Lakes village.

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